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SOLD on or around May 7, 2024

43,802 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe in Imola Red 2 over Light Sepang Bronze Extended Nappa
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Light Sepang Bronze Extended Nappa
  • Interior Trim Carbon Leather
  • Other Attributes Premium Package

Seller Description

Selling my Z4MC. I love this car but I am retiring and selling a few cars. I've had the car for 2yrs and put only 1,000 miles on it. Bought from an enthusiast in Los Angeles who was a camera guy for Universal. He traveled all the time and barely drove the car. Previous owner before him was in Palm Springs. Hood & roof were previously wrapped in vinyl graphite so the car is is very good shape. Almost 0 paint chips (all are touched up with OEM Imola paint) and not a single door ding anywhere. The car is EXTREMELY clean.

Only 1800 Z4MC's were produced from 2006-2008. Color combo ImolaRed /Light Sepang Brown with extended leather is only 1 of 3 built by the BMW registry.

Car is 100% stock, has aclean title and has never had any paint work. It runs & drive fantastic and every electronic option works exactly as it should. Tires are probably 70%-80% & brakes front & rear like new. I put Akebono Euro Ceramic pads on it when I bought it. Just had the oil changed and had my mechanic look it over prior to sale.

The only repair the car needs is the emergency brake pads need replaced. This is a common issue on the Z4M cars. I did the repair on a previous Z4MC i had. I am ordering the kit fro ECS Tuning to fix. If i dont get it done by the end of the auction the kit will go with the car.

I'm an enthusiast. I own 4 BMW's and love this car but at 60 its getting hard to get in and out of. I will keep my 01 E38 740i M Sport, my 93 Dinan 740i, 91 Dinan 535i 5spd, and my 2017 Porsche Macan GTS (28k). All are much easier on my back & knees. 

Just had a 2 Stage paint correction & 5yr Ceramic coating applied from the best place in San Antonio, Concourse Auto Salon ($1400). The car looks amazing and has 0 swirls in the paint. Washing is a breeze. NOTHING sticks to this car!! The interior has also been treated by myself multiple times with 303 Aerospace Protectant. The best there is.

Wheels are powder coated satin black (ceramic coated as well) and do not have a single chip or scrape anywhere. They are perfect.

Zero warnings or codes. Engine bay is spotless. 

Please do not lowball me. Car is priced very fair. Car is the only Red Z4MC for sale in the country and the lowest mileage Z4MC for sale in the country on AutoTempest and dare I say one of the cleanest. 

I've owned 3 of these cars in my life. This one is a keeper if I wasn't getting so damn old. Hope to pass it on to a young enthusiast who can appreciate the car. This car is never going down in value.  My name is Evan, feel free to ask any questions.


San Antonio, TX

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Posted: 5/7/2024 12:09:35 PM by Jon Martin

Auction ended early because it is no longer available

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