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SOLD on or around October 27, 2019

51,920 miles

Asking Price: $35,000
2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe in Sepang Bronze Metallic over Dark Sepang Brown Nappa
  • Exterior Color Sepang Bronze Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Sepang Brown Nappa
  • Interior Trim Brushed Aluminum
  • Other Attributes Premium Package

Seller Description

If you’ve been looking for this car for as long as I was in 2009 when I decided to splurge on BMW’s ultimate toy and fell for the bronze color, then congratulations. Today is your lucky day. After just over ten years of tender, loving ownership and with great regret, I am offering my fully stock M coupe for sale.

Please send any questions or expressions of interest to

The Basics
Current Mileage: 51,9XX (2nd Owner)
Date/Mileage at purchase: July 2009/23,960
Exterior Color: Sepang Bronze Metallic (62 produced)
Interior Color: Dark Sepang Brown Nappa (92 cars of all colors got this interior: 20 in SBM)
Trim: Brushed Aluminum
This is one of three (first of 2 in ’07) M Coupes produced with this exterior/interior/trim combination. And it looks sharp.
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Production Date: December 6, 2006
VIN: 5UMDU93407LL93933

Clean Carfax, free and clear title, no accidents ever of any kind. Never smoked in, eaten in, or used to transport pets. I have, in my possession, both keys, the title, all manuals with their original storage binder, all detailed service records since I’ve owned the car, a record with a list of services performed by the previous owner obtained at the final sale, and the original window sticker.

Asking: $38,000

A few pictures are below with tons more pictures here.

Pretty sure I don’t need to tell anyone here about the standard features or fun factor of the car, so I’ll skip the pleasantries (there are many, contact me if you need the basic info), and move directly to the options:

Options & Accessories

Premium Package
Acoustic Belt Warning (S845A)
Automatic Air Conditioning (S534A)
BMW Business CD (S662A)
CD Changer I-Bus Preparation (S692A)
Child Seat Isofix Attachment (S470A)
Complete Cellular Phone Prep (S639A)
Cop Control (S8SPA)
Cruise Control (S540A)
Green Stripe Windscreen (S354A)
Headlight Washer System (S502A)
HiFi System Professional (S677A)
Auto-Dimming Mirrors (S430A)
Brushed Aluminum Trim (S4ADA)
English Language Version (S853A)
M Leather Steering Wheel (S710A)
Power Seats with Memory (S459A)
M Sport Seats (S711A)
Multi-Function Steering Wheel (S249A)
On-Board Computer (S550A)
Anti-Theft Alarm System Prep (S5GAA)
US Radio Control (S645A)
Radio Frequency 315 MHz (S876A)
Rain Sensor (S521A)
Black Headliner (S4AAA)
Cop Relevant Vehicles (S1CAA)
Smokers Package (S441A)
Storage Compartment Package (S493A)
Tire Pressure Monitor (S2VBA)
Xenon Lights (S522A)
BMW Car Cover

As mentioned, I am the second owner. I decided I wanted this car after seeing one drive by my work about 3 times in the span of 2 months. It was the electric blue color and lovely. My search began in earnest by the end of 2008 with a lot of reading about the car and its prowess. While researching one day in very early 2009, I stumbled upon what looked like a stock BMW photo of the Sepang Bronze M Coupe. I knew immediately I had to have this color. Little did I know at the time about the production numbers and just how hard it was going to be to find, particularly 10 years ago when absolutely everything wasn’t on the internet like today. So I searched. And searched. Then finally one day in early July on eBay Motors, I finally found the car I wanted.

At a BMW/Range Rover dealership in Orlando, Florida, the first owner (middle-aged couple, as I was able to extract with some continuous pressure on the sales manager) had just traded this in for a Range Rover. I said, “Don’t sell it to anyone. I’ll be back in touch shortly.” A quick call to my best friend, cheap one-way plane tickets purchased, a call back to the dealership, “We’re on our way.”

I certainly wasn’t sure on the early morning flight down to Orlando that I was going to buy this car and my friend and I would have the drive of our lives to that point back to Virginia. I certainly wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to buy this car.

We discovered a broken cup holder and a couple other very minor things on inspection which were quickly addressed after our test drive. I had test driven a new one early during the research/search process which had sealed my fate so I was familiar with the car and its characteristics. This test drive was no different and the car felt great. Reviewing the service record provided, I saw that the previous owner had accomplished the 1,200 mile service and had an intermediate oil service at 9,735 and the first full maintenance service at 17,030. They had it in to the dealership on a few other occasions for some nit-noid things like a burnt-out shifter light. Never anything serious, but this gave me the comfort that the prior owner was just as nit-picky as I am, which gave me confidence with the purchase.

Obviously, the M Coupe came home with me. The drive home was epic fun. It was under warranty so I had it into the dealership for a final peace-of-mind check after getting home. Besides a failing spare key (replaced) and a missing battery cover clip (replaced), the car got a clean bill of health.

I babied this car. Never tracked. Never seen snow or a salty road. I tried to avoid rain but early on got caught out on a couple occasions, which led to an immediate hand washing. Only ever hand washed and waxed since in my possession, and likely before. The paint shines brilliantly and flawlessly as the pictures should portray. Garage kept at all times since in my possession, usually on a battery tender and with the BMW car cover on as well. (Cover included w/sale). Confident it was likely kept in a garage in Florida as well.

Intermediate oil changes. Inspection II completed at 46,035. Four new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires were mounted at that time. Just had the oil change service and a thorough inspection completed at 51,786 miles. No further service due until 76,000 miles unless you want to continue the habit of intermediate oil change services.

All work performed by a dealership, the reputable shop owned and operated by the cousin of my best friend who accompanied me to Florida to pick up the car (a lamp replacement and replaced two tires due to a flat), or a highly reputable high-performance BMW specialty/racing shop that just happens to be about an hour away from me and is top notch. That last shop has primarily taken care of the car since it’s been out of warranty.

I stated this car was stock. That’s not entirely true. In the interest of full disclosure, I had the windows professionally tinted (reversible) and the antenna is a stubby antenna (also reversible). I most certainly have the original 8-foot* BMW antenna in my possession which can be easily put back in place, if that’s your thing.

*antenna not actually 8 feet long; but it is abnormally long and out of place on this car.

The Bad (other than the giant antenna):

1) The steering wheel for some reason has a lot of wear showing, but not where you would expect (near 9:30/10 and opposite). It’s more from 10:30 to about 1. It’s not shedding and I suspect it can be fixed, if not lived with. I was ok to live with it. Pictures should show it. Can send you hi-res if interested.

2) In early 2011, I noticed about an 1/16-inch wide horseshoe-shaped scratch/impression near the center of the rear bumper. It almost looked like the car had been branded. It ran a span of about 3 inches or so and was not deep, pretty much on the surface. That was taken to Tischer BMW to ensure proper color matching and corrected in February, 2011. If you can find or see where the paint was done, the Avengers would like to speak with you. I cannot find a trace.

3) During the Inspection II Service at 46,035 miles, the performance BMW specialty shop that I used determined that the seal between the VANOS unit and the cylinder head was leaking. The VANOS unit was pulled and thoroughly inspected to ensure there was no wear or damage to any of the critical parts. The shop replaced the VANOS gasket, performed a valve adjustment and reassembled the engine. No further evidence of oil leak or other VANOS issues when inspected last month.

4) When I had the car in for service in late July, 2019, the performance shop finished the inspection, oil service, replaced a broken wiper fluid pump, and took the car out to make sure all was well. Upon return, the instrument cluster cut out. This had never happened to me or my father before, so it was odd. It did that twice, corrected by turning the car off and then on both times, and then the problem stopped. They tested further. No problem. OK. Whew. Well, not so fast. My dear parents went to pick up the car the next day and return it to their home because I was stuck at work. As my dad starts the car, the instrument cluster cuts out and the air conditioner is not working (both connected to the same bus). Shop checks codes again, determines the instrument cluster is failing. This was replaced with OEM parts, all codes were cleared, A/C blows cold and strong and I’ve (still) personally experienced no problem with the instrument cluster. This was my $1,300 gift to YOU. I kid, but it was really frustrating as it wasn’t a problem when it was brought in and I get to purchase a brand new one that I’ll use once.

5) I also took that occasion to replace the “smoker’s console” as a tiny metal clip that held the door closed failed when I was dumb and stored spare change in that spot that jammed the door open. You would think a BMW-markup $3.95 (cost $.05) clip would be available to fix this problem, but of course not. The entire unit had to be replaced. I thought you might like to have the ashtray door closed so you have an entirely new OEM unit, complete with clip.

Anything else that has been mechanically or cosmetically wrong with the car has been corrected upon discovery utilizing BMW parts whenever parts were needed. It has been meticulously maintained and is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, as I hope the pictures convey. The performance shop that has taken care of the car since it’s been out of warranty can attest to the car’s condition.

The car has been garaged at my folks’ house out in the country since the girlfriend moved in with her car, and subsequently became my wife and then mother of my first born – hence the split with the coupe. My father took it out on occasion to keep things fresh and otherwise kept it clean and on a battery tender and under cover. On August 4, 2019, I took the car out for a “last drive” and to take some pictures. I hadn’t driven the car for a while due to life’s changes and it was devastating to realize that I’m about to never drive this car again. It runs and rides just as smoothly as on the test drive, if not better, and it was just as exhilarating, yet well-mannered, as it was during the drive back from Florida. Whoever gets this, I’m really happy for you and I hope you will enjoy it half as much as I did.

If interested or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Falls Church, VA

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Price reduced to $35,000 from $37,500

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Price reduced to $37,500 from $38,000

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