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141,000 miles

2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Interior Trim Brushed Aluminum
  • Other Attributes Premium Package

Seller Description

White, on black on black Z4 M Coupe - Clean Title
Make me a reasonable offer
Genuine M car with S54 motor with the factory updated/faster than M3 processing ECU
6 speed manual (they all came this way of course)
18x8/9 wheels with 5mm spacers up front and 10mm rear.
Totally reversible rear wing that is polarizing in taste but also genuine carbon fiber and highly functional on a short wheelbase car. Accompanying rear diffuser
Yes its higher mileage, yes everything works, yes it's by far the cheapest fully functional, clean title M Coupe in the country
Currently has no mufflers but does still have the resonators and cats so no issue passing emissions.

I bought this car one year ago after starting down the rabbit hole of s54 swapping an 87 e30 iS. As things typically escalate, I ended up buying this car since it was where I was trying to end up with the e30 anyway but handles significantly better than an E30 ever will. This is an entirely different league by comparison and that is how I justified it. Hoon logic. I picked it up in Rochester, NY last summer sight unseen, drove it 3,200 miles over nearly nine days taking the long way home without any issues.

The chassis is very very stiff for a road car, factory dampers and springs but man is this a truly focused M car. Most of the reviews mention this.

This car is surprisingly rare, it is one of only 1,500 in the states over a three year build period. That's pretty legitimately uncommon and some say the prices will soon begin reflecting that given the post 10 year run the Z3 M Coupes made, especially S54 examples.

Truly Very Very Rare
Great handling
Great sound
Going up in value, this is certainly a good time to buy one of these cars
Hydraulic steering!!
Fully defeatable driver aids
No issues to drive it across country like I did, just bring ear plugs!
Fully sorted daily driver capable, starts without fuss every time
AC blows cold
Seats are powered, heated and wonderful, one of my favorite surprises about this car over the course of the journey home was that my back never hurt in these seats. I'm looking for a set in one of my other projects.
I'm not one to put wings on road cars but this one came to me as such and it grew on me and now I kind of like it, its loud just like the exhaust so they match.
The sound this car makes above 4k rpm will make you believe in something other than god. It is all that is right about a high revving NA M car
I have changed all the fluids in the last 3 months. Proper 10w-60 in the motor of course.
New 255 fuel pump at the same time
New brake pads(Hawk Street and Track), spare street Stop-Tech ones and fresh bleed
Re-coated calipers from yellow(gross) to M Sport Blue
NEW(!) ridiculously expensive(!!!) OEM(you have to, I promise) brake rotors front and rear. Basically the only other car that uses these size rotors is the E46 M3 with the competition package. You can find mislabeled options that claim to fit but they don't, I promise. It was a hassle to track the proper ones down. $550 each rotor, $2,200 a set and they are damn good looking too. Factory two-piece, aluminum hat and factory cross drilled. Totally badass brake rotors from the factory. Less than a 1,000 miles on them.

Supporting evidence of why this car really is something unexpected and surprising:
A long but very in-depth video: literally half the reason I bought this car was that video.

The Bad:
141K miles is not low. S54s seem to be able to handle that just fine however and all service is up to date and the car has never had any weird engine mods/boost etc. I put a K&N air filter in it, thats it. Period.
Due for vanos eventually but no issues currently, also, for what it's worth, I was all forum freaked out about vanos issues and have since realized its a bit of an overblown issue. These cars are much more reliable than the S65/85 M motors from later generations of M cars with their rod bearing issues. Hell, I have an S14 in the garage with holes in the block but this S54 motor hits a sweet spot for BMW with reliability, commonality and performance.
The previous owner painted it an unoriginal but admittedly cool color, it has a metallic blue hue to the white base. Originally the car was black and if I kept it I would likely go back to that but priorities have changed with my car hobby.
Does show a fender bender on the carfax but nothing more than that and many thousands of miles since that. I can find no evidence of it on the car.
Will need new tires soon enough but you could drive it across the country tomorrow without hesitation. I did exactly that and now it's someone else's turn to enjoy it.

Call with questions, I'll happily talk your ear off with a fellow enthusiast so long as you are serious about buying the car.

So why am I selling? Well, my sanity is worth something I hope. I need some mental space and literal project space. I have four other non-daily resto-mod cars I need to focus on: a 1970 2002 with an S14 swap, a 1989 M3 with an S65 swap, a 1994 RX-7 with new large port, rebuild and turbo setup, and a 1989 325ix with an S54 swap and keeping the awd. I'm in deep with the car addiction right now. Neighbors are starting to avoid eye contact. My better half is starting to laugh when I say I will actually sell something. I've started hiring friends on a part time basis just to keep things progressing. I need to focus. So many hobbies with speed. Never mind the normal stuff on the actual daily cars and a real job to fund it all. I love this M Coupe, really do, I even have an S85 V10 from the M5/6 sitting in the garage that I very nearly started swapping into it(can be included for the right price, its complete, see other ad), but I need to focus on some of the other projects and get them back to full sorted daily driving ability status or risk losing my mind completely. It's simply time to move along on my car journey and for this car to go to someone who will truly enjoy and take care of her.



Denver, CO

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