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SOLD on or around November 20, 2018

100,100 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Other
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Other
  • Interior Trim Not Specified

Seller Description

This build has been done up with zero shortcuts. I used only the best products. This car is PERFECT to get in and drive. There is literally nothing needed. Every single item that I felt should be replaced was replaced only with OEM BMW parts or a top quality aftermarket upgrade piece. It is with deep regret that I am posting my car for sale but it is for a personal cause. I WILL buy another one eventually. This is not a car intended for daily driving etc but can be haha, it is heavily modified with no A/C (I will include parts so you can put it back in), No radio or airbags etc and it's know how that goes. It is as track toy, a real drivers car to be exact. I have never owned a car that matches up to this one, which is why I bought 2 within 4 years. Car is flawless, no damages no issues at all. Runs like a dream. The engine has been bulletproofed from the common S54 issues so you can rape this car hahaha and it will be safe. Car has just over 100,xxxk miles, and based off my parts list you can tell it's pretty much a brand new car haha. I am looking for a serious and caring person to sell my car too, not someone who will misuse it etc. My asking price of $35,000 FIRM FIRM FIRM is reasonable if you know what these cars and worth and the money put into it (OVER $35K ONLY IN PARTS). Absolutely no joy rides, test drives will only be allowed with cash in hand and a valid drivers license in hand. Would love to discuss everything about to car when the potential buyer is checking it out. I put as many parts as I remember below, I know for a fact I am missing a grip load of stuff, but you'll see it. Oil has been changed every 3 track days with Ravenol 10W60, car has a few track days on it, before that it was used as a daily driver on the highway 90% of the time. Very well taken care of car from the first owner till me. Please note that the car still has a loan on it through BMW Financial, I am willing to help out with whatever I can to make the process smoother (I cannot pay it off). Thanks!

Engine Upgrades/Replaced parts :
-American Racing 6 to 1 headers w/ all new BMW hardware, Magnaflow race mufflers with quad 3.5" tips and AR25 resonator (1 of 1 on a Z4M) (7/30/17) $3,500
-WPC coated OEM rod bearings with ARP bolts and all hardware/gaskets along the way replaced with OEM BMW parts only (5/12/18) $1,500
-VAC Motorsport Exhaust Vanos hub with complete timing sytem overhaul using OEM Hardware and guides, Beisan UPGRADED upper chain guide, Anti rattle kit, new seals/gaskets etc with OEM BMW parts only, Front main seal (8/3/18) $1,800
-AKG Motor mounts (8/13/18) $165
-Turner Motorsports Power pulleys (8/1/17) $270
-OEM BMW spark plugs + Bosch Ignition coils (12/1/16) $300
-Bosch injectors (9/22/17) + OEM fuel pump and OEM fuel filter (6/14/18) $800
-PCV Valve (12/1/16) $70
-BOTH camshaft poisition sensors (9/28/17 exhaust & 8/3/18 Intake) $250
-OEM BMW Crankshaft position sensor (8/3/18) $165
-AFE intake $540
-MAF sensor (9/26/17) $100
-CSF Aluminum radiator with all new OEM BMW cooling system overhaul including :Water pump, Thermostat, hoses etc with Water wetter (5/31/18) $950
-Bimmer World Oil diverter valvev $120
-Tuned by OE Tuning with 3 maps (stock, 91 and 100 octane) $800
-AC DELETE!!!!! (will include all removed A/C parts)
-Belt tensioner assembly and pulleys (8/31/18) $130
-Exhaust Gas Temp sensor (8/28/18) $130

Drivetrain Upgrades/Replaced parts :
-Guibo (11/20/16) $162
-Center support bearing (11/20/16) $111
-Differential oil (6/9/17) $165
-Transmission oil (6/9/17) $60
-Rogue Transmission mounts $96
-ECS Differential Mounts (1/3/18) $130
-Braille 11.5lb battery with mounting hardware $320

Braking System :
-Stoptech Trophy BBK front (355/4pot) with slotted discs and sport pads $3,375
-OEM rear rotors (5/19/18) $340
-Rear pads : Hawk HP Plus & Textar $200
-OEM Brake master cylinder/Res (2/1/18) $700
-OEM Clutch master cylinder (2/1/18) $150
-OEM Clutch slave cylinder (2/1/18) $90
-UUC Stainless steel brake lines $150
-Motul RBF600 Brake fluid $60

Interior :
-Momo Daytona Racing Halo seat (11/30/17) + VAC Motorsport floor mount + Recaro Aluminum Side mounts $1,200
-Schroth 6-pt Harness in silver (2/15/18) $400
-AC DELETE!!!! (I have all the parts to put it back in)
-Custom made guage pod with Oil temp, Oil pressure and Water temp gauges $300
-Sparco Steering wheel (5/26/18) with NRG hub & Quick release $500
-AKG stage 2 short shifter with AKG DSSR & OEM BMW Motorsport golf ball shift knob $700
-Door Panels removed (I have them)
-BMW Performance E-brake handle $70
-Gutted out rear bulkhead delete and everything in and around the trunk
-Turner Motorsport Race pedals (6/9/17) $110

Wheels/Tires :
-18" Titan7 TS-5 wheels with center caps 18x10et25 square with 265/35/18 Federal RS-RR tires (squared) $2,600
-Motorsport Hardware wheel stud kit 75mm (8/14/18) $150

Suspension/Chassis :
-Ground control custom valved coilover kit with Eibach springs (5" 600 front 660 rear), Ground control Race camber plates with OEM BMW reinforcement plates, Ground control Race rear shock mounts, Ground control front sway bar end links (8/13/18) $2,400
-H&R front sway bar (8/11/17) $280
-Powerflex street rear sway bar bushings $70
-Weichers sport rear strut bar $150
-OEM BMW Tie rod assemblies (5/12/18) $400
-ECS Rear adjustable camber arms (1/3/18) $300
-Powerflex Street front control arm bushings (11/20/16) $216
-Powerflex Rear trailing arm bushings (11/20/16) $95

Exterior :
-Geoff Steel Carbon fiber roof $1,000
-Cilajet Paint protection $700
-Trackspec Motorsport hood vents $250
-APR Rear wing $1,000
-Custom made one off Front splitter (chassis mounted) $600
-Fancywide rear diffuser $450
-ECS Gloss black kidney grilles $80
-Complete respray (besides hatch and roof pillars) to make her perfect (8/14/18) $3,000
-Reflector delete on bumpers $450
-Antenna delete on quarter panel $500
-Lamin-X protective film on headlights (smoke) and taillights (red) $125

PS: Last oil change was 500 miles ago and 1 track day so it's still fresh. And OEM strut brace in pictures WILL NOT be included.

Text only from 9am-11pm. I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP HELP SELLING MY CAR!!! NO TRADES!!! NO SHIPPING ETC!!! CASH IN HAND FACE TO FACE!!! If you see the listing then it is still available. Cheers


Los Angeles, CA

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