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SOLD on or around July 2, 2019

61,000 miles

Asking Price: $39,480
2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Imola Red Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red Nappa
  • Interior Trim Brushed Aluminum
  • Other Attributes Premium Package
    Forced Induction

Seller Description

This 2006 BMW Z4 M coupe has been modified with a VF Engineering supercharger for its 3.2-liter inline-six, which is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Additional modifications include Supersprint headers, Race Precision exhaust, Bilstein PSS10 coil-overs, a Brembo Big Brake kit, Apex EC7 wheels, Tillett carbon-fiber seats, Rogue short shifter, Dinan 4.10:1 final drive, European bumpers, and more as described below. The car is finished in Titanium Silver Metallic, shows just over 61k miles, and was acquired by the seller two years ago. This E86 Z4 M is now offered with service records, a parts list, removed air-conditioning components, a clean Carfax report, and a clean New York title in the seller’s name.

The Z4 M coupe was built from 2006 through 2008, and this example is one of 46 finished in Titanium Silver over Imola Red Nappa leather. The front and rear bumpers reportedly were repainted after the installation of side-marker-delete European-style bumpers. Upon acquiring the car the seller had a full-body clear bra applied. Paint-meter measurements are included in the photo gallery below. The accompanying Carfax report is free of accidents and other damage.

A set of 18″ Apex EC7 wheels and staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires were fitted less than 1k miles ago. The suspension and brakes were modified with the following parts:

Brembo Big Brake kit — 6-piston 380mm front, 4-piston 328mm rear
Brembo street pads
UUC brake-line kit
Bilstein PSS10 coil-over kit
Ground Control camber kit
30mm front and 25mm rear sway bars
Turner Motorsport front adjustable links
K-MAC rear bushings
Powerflex trailing-arm bushings
Dinan lower control-arm monoball kit and strut brace
Vibra-Technics engine mounts
UUC transmission mounts

The factory Imola Red Nappa leather seats were replaced with Tillett carbon-fiber racing seats. Factory amenities include an M steering wheel, brushed-aluminum trim, automatic climate control, and xenon headlamps. Black and red Coco mats protect the factory carpeting, and LED lights have been fitted throughout the car.

The factory navigation was deleted and replaced with a dash-mounted Autometer gauge pod with readouts for air/fuel ratio, oil pressure, and voltage. The shifter reportedly was upgraded with a Teflon rebuild kit and Rogue Engineering short shifter. The digital odometer shows just over 61k miles, approximately 11k of which came during the seller’s ownership.

The supercharged 3.2-liter S54 inline-six sends power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. Upgrades to the powertrain—installed by 3Zero3 Motorsports in Wheat Ridge, Colorado in 2015 at 47,749 miles, as detailed in a 14-page invoice viewable in the gallery—are listed below:

VF Engineering VF480 supercharger
VAC Motorsports high-volume oil pump
42 Draft Designs oil catch can
Mishimoto oil cooler
Zionsville Autosport aluminum radiator
Turner Motorsport lightweight flywheel
The air-conditioning lines, compressor, and receiver drier were removed by 3Zero3 in 2016 at 48,289 miles during follow-up work and are included in the sale. At 59k miles, an oil change and an alignment reportedly were performed.

The factory exhaust system and rear end were upgraded using the following parts:

Supersprint step-design headers and dual catalytic converters
Race Precision axle-back exhaust
Magnaflow 200 cell catalytic converter
Dinan 4.10:1 final drive
Supercharged 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe

A complete parts list along with records of the work performed at 3Zero3 Motorsports are shown in the gallery below.

The June 2019 Carfax report indicates no accidents or other issues. Registrations in Florida, California, Georgia, Colorado, and New York are listed on the report.

Previous Listing:
Listed for sale is my 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe. The car just turned over 60,000 miles miles and holds a clean accident free Carfax.

Many of you know that many of my cars are all original, low mileage mileage cars; this one is slightly different. Regarding upgrades and services, the car has gone through every system, right down to replacing every light bulb. This may be the highest modification Z4M ever built, however it has not gone too far one way or the other and feels like a factory built car; a clubsport, I would call it. The car is 100% mechanically refreshed, and has had over the top extensive work performed for reliability and performance - car is bulletproof. Every modification was done about 10,000 miles ago and the car has been absolutely flawless. It still retains it's stock drivability (I've put 10,000 miles in the past year daily driving) - you can granny it, or hammer it and it's happy to do both. During my ownership and previous ownership, the car remained a street car, nevertheless, it would be easy to achieve a track car - a very fast one at that if one were to choose to go that route.

The car weighs right below 3,0000 pounds / 1,360 kilos and produces close to 500 horsepower to the rear wheels. With that being said, there has been well over $80,000 in modifications (parts & labor) down to the drivetrain, full suspension/chassis upgrades, brakes, exterior and interior (you name it) with only the highest quality parts available. Below, I've tried to be as specific as possible listing the major upgrades however, I could not fit everything so I've attached some receipts through PDF files (first receipt is for $55,571.68 and the second is for $23,113.85).

Aesthetically, overall the car is in phenomenal shape inside and out. The car had a full body clear bra up until around 48,000 miles when I received it (the paint is absolute excellent condition). It was in the plans to get a full detail at Detailing Dynamics based out in Long Island but the car is absolutely swirl free. With 297 BMW Z4 M Coupes models produced in 2006 and only 6 Titanium Silver Metallic over Imola Red Nappa, the car holds rarity.

In this day and age, many cars are purchased sight unseen but if possible I would highly recommend interested buyers to come and see this car in person, DRIVE it! There is only so much words, pictures and videos can say. I mention these things because a lot of time, money and many, many hours have been spent on getting the car to what is today and want to avoid selling the car to someone who will not appreciate it. There will never be a car like this again - I think it deserves good treatment.

If I can answer any further questions or if I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for looking!

[Labor] [Parts] [Total]


  • VF Supercharger 480 Kit [$1,977.64] [$8,251.25] [$10,228.89]
  • VAC High Volume Oil Pump [$0.00] [$1,155.00] [$1,155.00]
  • 42 Draft Designs - Oil Catch Can [$324.90] [$361.10] [$686.00]
  • Mishimoto Oil Cooler [$706.30] [1,308.60] [$2,014.90]
  • Zionsville Aluminum Radiator [$0.00] [$1,000.00] [$1,000.00]
  • Dinan 4.10 Final Drive [$0.00] [$2,500.00] [$2,500.00]
  • SuperSprint Full Step Headers [$0.00] [$2,431.00] [$2,431.00]
  • SuperSprint Dual Sport Cats [$0.00] [$2,700.00] [$2,700.00]
  • Race Precision (RPI) Axle Back [$160.00] [$965.00] [$1,031.57]
  • Magnaflow 200 Cell 2.5"[$0.00] [$395.00] [$395.00]
  • Reflect-A-Cool Shield [$211.89] [$365.00] [$576.89]
  • Turner Light Weight Flywheel [$988.82] [$1,620.81] [$2,609.63]


  • Bilstein PSS10 Kit [$0.00] [$2,295.00] [$2,295.00]
  • Ground Control Camber Plates [$0.00] [$365.00] [$365.00]
  • 30MM Front Sway Bar [$0.00] [$350.00] [$350.00]
  • 25MM Rear Sway Bar [$0.00] [$330.00] [$330.00]
  • Turner Front Adj. Links [$0.00] [$160.00] [$160.00]
  • UUC Moly Rears Arms [$0.00] [$350.00] [$350.00]
  • Above Suspension Labor [$2,262.00] [$0.00] [$2,262.00]
  • KMAC Rear Bushings [$0.00] [$270.00] [$270.00]
  • PowerFlex Front Trailing Bushings [$0.00] [$226.99] [$226.99]
  • PowerFlex Rear Trailing Bushings [$0.00] [$86.99] [$86.99]
  • Above Bushings Labor[$622.08] [$0.00] [$622.08]
  • Inner Tie Rods [$282.52] [$817.00] [$1,100.52]
  • Dinan Monoballs [$0.00] [$200.00] [$200.00]
  • Dinan Strut Brace [$0.00] [$400.00] [$400.00]
  • Vibra-Tech Motor Mounts 360M [$141.26] [$350.00] [$491.26]
  • UUC BMW Trans Mounts [$141.26] [$70.00] [$211.26]


  • Front Brembo GT 6 Piston 380MM [$282.52] [$4,800.00] [$5,082.52]
  • Rear Brembo GT 4 Piston 328MM [$282.52] [$3,807.00] [$4,089.52]
  • Brembo Street Pads[$141.26] [$430.00] [$571.26]
  • UUC 6 Piece Brake Line Kit [$0.00] [$120.00] [$120.00]


  • Apex EC7 18” Wheels [$100.00] [$1,500.00] [$1,600.00]
  • New Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/265 (500 miles) [$0.00] [$1,000.00] [$1,000.00]
  • European Bumpers (U.S. Side Marker Delete)[$200.00] [$1,000.00] [$1,200.00]
  • 75mm Wheel Stud Kit[$0.00] [$250.00] [$250.00]
  • Tillet Full Carbon Seats[$0.00] [$3,400.00] [$3,400.00]
  • Tillet Brackets [$100.60] [$678.05] [$778.65]
  • Rogue short shifter[$0.00] [$400.00][$400.00]
  • Teflon Shifter Rebuild Kit [$0.00] [$150.00] [$150.00]
  • Navigation Delete / Gauge Install[$0.00] [$2,300.00] [$2,300.00]
  • AutoMeter Gauge[$0.00] [$600.00] [$600.00]
  • AC Delete [$706.30] [$0.00][$706.30]
  • Lightweight Braille Battery [$0.00] [$300.00] [$300.00]
  • Every light bulb replaced with LED [$969.58] [$254.27] [$1,223.85]


  • Dr. Vanos [$706.30] [$1,411.10] [$2,117.40]
  • Valve Adjustment [$565.04] [$4.30] [$569.34]
  • Rod Bearing [$1,695.12] [$580.00] [$2,275.12]
  • S54 Rod Bearing Kit [$0.00] [$400.00][$400.00]
  • ARP Rod Bolts (10mm) [$0.00] [$145.00] [$145.00]
  • VVT Adjuster Gasket[$0.00] [$21.70] [$21.70]
  • Valve Cover Gasket Set [$0.00] [$96.33] [$96.33]
  • TurboToy Vanos V3 300 [$0.00] [$800.00] [$800.00]
  • ARP Camshaft Bolts [$0.00] [$100.00] [$100.00]
  • New Water Pump / Thermostat [$565.04] [$828.58] [$1,388.62]
  • Alternator [$1,000] [$420.00] [$1,420.00]
  • Bavarian Coil Set [$0.00] [$299.99] [$299.99]



My Comments

Posted: 7/2/2019 1:15:06 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to a high bid of $37,600 or $39,480 with buyer fee

Posted: 7/1/2019 12:58:23 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding up to $30,000

Posted: 6/26/2019 8:10:49 AM by Jon Martin

Bidding up to $23,750

Posted: 6/25/2019 11:54:38 AM by Jon Martin

It's back and now on Bring a Trailer. No bids yet.

Posted: 1/7/2019 9:00:29 AM by Jon Martin

Craigslist listing removed; sold?

Posted: 12/15/2018 1:15:27 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $55,000 from $72,500

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